As an experienced coach, trainer and management consultant, Human Design forms a significant part of my work. My intention is to work with individuals and organisations who are passionate about helping themselves and others to live fully, according to their unique blueprint. This is not something to 'achieve' but to uncover and to experiment with.

My own Human Design experience began in 2006 with my foundation reading and since then I have studied widely with a variety of HD teachers. I am also engaged in my own day to day experiment with my own design, with a growing awareness of what it means to live as myself.

I am a professional Analyst certified by the IHDS (International Human Design School) and offer Foundation readings, Partnership readings, Cycle (Solar Return, Saturn Return, Uranus Opposition, Kiron Return) readings, and Incarnation Cross readings. Click here for more details.

As a Reflector I am able to 'read' the other person and intuitively feel the issues you are dealing with. This helps me to hone in on the most crucial aspects of your chart at any one moment and be truly present with you.

Client Feedback

The reading was a beautiful experience,  I feel truly blessed. Thank you for your naturalness, generosity, openness and wisdom. I will allow things to percolate. Very healing and clarifying.'
Aisling Hamilton, Health Trainer, UK

Rachel's chart. 13th September 1969, 01:01, Tenby UK

Type: Reflector          Profile:  4/6         Right Angle Cross of Rulership
Rachel Walmsley - Human Design Accreditation & Courses completed

Certified Professional Analyst (IHDS)*
PTL4 - Analyst Exam training (IHDS)
PTL 3 - Incarnation Cross Analysis
PTL 2 - Cycle Readings Accreditation
PTL 2 - Connection Readings 
PTL 1 - Chart Analysis  (IHDS)
Family Practice Course (2014)
Living Your Design Guide Accreditation 
Mechanics of Consciousness (2014)
Variable Explorer Course (2013)
Reflector Retreat with Nisarg (2013)
One Year Transformation Course with Dharmen & Leela Swann-Herbert (2012)
RAVE Cartography & RAVE ABC in Ibiza with Alokanand Diaz (2012)
Embracing the Path of the Moon (2011)
PHS Reading (2011)
Radical Deconditioning (2010),
with Dharmen & Leela Swann-Herbert
Living Your Design Weekend (2007)
Foundation Reading (2006)

* IHDS - International Human Design School